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44 LIGHTS is a labor of love that has taken over two decades to create. The journey began on the morning of September 11th, 2001, the most beautiful day of the year. It started with cloudless blue skies and intense sunshine, and ended as the most tragic day in modern American history. Tim Tuttle knew over thirty friends, neighbors, and former co workers, who didn’t come home.

The play deals with the darkness of that day and the light and hope that we found in the aftermath.

Tim wrote his first song the night of 9/11 in an effort to communicate his pain and loss through music. Two weeks later, he recorded it with Jeremy Slansky in a New York studio. One song turned into many more and then a memorial concert on the first anniversary. Music From Ground Zero came to life from the ashes outside their office window in downtown Manhattan. The concerts became an annual act of remembrance at local venues.

Three CDs, twenty concerts, and a documentary about the road they travelled to healing after such immense devastation, ultimately led Tim to writing a musical in 2023.

Casting eleven actors and six musicians, he has created an experience for audiences to follow his personal story and find their own journey. Thousands saw and felt the same thing at Ground Zero as he did that morning and for the first time it’s coming to the stage.

Love always conquers death. Our friends and family are never gone, they walk beside us, they live on in our hearts and mind. Forever.

We need to honor the fallen not just by remembering them, but by living a life that makes them proud. They are frozen in time. We must do something positive with our extra moments, the time granted to us.

44 LIGHTS is a combination of beautiful songs and story that takes the audience to an incredibly special place. The feedback has been overwhelming. Everyone who has seen it has said the same thing “I want to share this with friends”. It’s a collective musical experience.

This is the first play that has attempted to deal with the day of 9/11 at Ground Zero in New York City. In Act Two, the audience witnesses friends coming together to find strength in each other. In the end, they find that friendship and love carries them through.

It’s written by someone who was there, who lost many friends, who spent twenty years creating and performing songs to honor them. It’s now coming to the stage. Don’t miss the short run if you’re in town. May 15- May 25, 2024.

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